About Corinne

“the eternal optimist…humble with a passion for acting, and a love for people and animals”

Early Life

As an American born California native, Corinne Laurance grew up in the Los Angeles area and is as an original “valley girl”. She was raised in a bilingual family together with her father, a land developer of French & Irish descent, her Spanish speaking homemaker mother, her older and younger brothers.

Elementary school afternoons were spent ice skating, playing tennis, horseback riding, swimming and bicycling.

She attended modeling school, studied piano theory, danced ballet, and taught herself to play the auto-harp and acoustic guitar while developing her vocal skills. She loved school and was passionate about music, singing and sports. As a young girl, her favorite subjects were Spanish & French.

Her older brother, Greg, an actor, lead vocal band singer & drama student, spawned her interest in the performing world. Her close friends still describe her as outgoing, friendly, energetic, dynamic and creative, although she says she is “an overachiever with a love for learning”.

An Actress is Born…

Her acting career began as a pre-teen when she was selected to appear on the television series, the Les Crane Show, together with her brother, Greg.

As a teenager, she studied acting, animation, speech and play production in school; played the role of Anastasia in Anastasia, performed children’s animation storytelling in Los Angeles winning numerous citywide awards for comedic interpretations, and soon became a member of the International Thespian acting society.

As a young teen, she traveled throughout Europe, Central America & Mexico studying languages, people and cultures, and lived in Costa Rica, Spain, Sweden & Mexico. At the age of 14, she performed in Ireland as a vocalist singing pop songs. While sailing home in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, having just watched the classic film, Ryan’s Daughter, her dream took flight…

” it became alive in my mind … with ideas & visions & imagination & absolute driving passion”


She went on performing in student films at the University of Southern California and did boutique modeling in Los Angeles. The feeling of not having had enough life training for her acting roles catapulted her onto a path of experience.

Her intense curiosity to understand how her close childhood friend could suddenly die from Leukemia led her to study medicine in medical school to get answers. She was privileged to gain experience practicing medicine.

She lived in 5 states which exposed her to people of other cultures races and backgrounds where she was faced with people experiencing a wide range of emotions.

Still with an intense yearning to create and express herself through acting, she headed back to Hollywood to further hone her acting skills and follow her dream.

Extensive Training

She attended the prestigious Van Mar Academy of Television and Motion Picture Acting in Hollywood and was privileged to study under Iconic Director Ivan Markota & other industry notables Stephanie Feury, Jeff Sable, and Steve Cardwell.

She continued her Improvisation training with the highly acclaimed Groundlings & United Citizens Brigade UCB in Los Angeles & Commercial training under the likes of Brian Reese, Robert B Martin, Jr., Tom Burke, Hugh McKillion, Judy Kain, & Ken Kasper in Los Angeles where she was selected as Actress of the Month in 2018.

She attributes her training under the renowned Brian Reese in Sci-Fi, Horror, Cold Reading & Scene Study to her landing the Leading Role as Vampire, Mary Grimm in the series, Adventures of Fuzz & Malloy, and Supporting Role of Chantal, the Psychic Reader, in the series, Outta Pocket.

Her vocal training under Broadway belt singer & vocal coach, Joie Gendron, with Showcase Singers propelled her into theatre supporting roles in Los Angeles with her performances in the Broadway musicals Big River, as the Strange Woman, in Bye Bye Birdie as Mrs. Peterson, & in A Christmas Carol in her dual roles as Beth & 1st Soprano.

Some of her Commercial credits include the American Heart Association, Comcast, & the 5-star luxury hotel, Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa.

She served as the Medical Doctor spokeswoman internationally for a Fortune 500 nutrition company.

“So many life experiences translate to acting roles, so many relationships & experiences of others, and of my own … of love, loss, frustration, courage, defeat, winning, humiliation, suffering, tragedy, sacrifice, vulnerability, and imagination … of inspiration, ecstasy, unrequited love, innocence, guilt, divorce, marriage, failure, triumph, power … and of motherly love, rejection, compassion, hopelessness, caring for sick people, new life … unconditional love … acceptance … hope … and forgiveness … to really be able to make a positive difference”
— Corinne on what she’s learned on her path to “experience”