TV Series

Vice Squad LA

S01 E02 - City of Angels Two



The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama Procedural that spans the Globe exploring the lives of a select group of dedicated Detectives as they navigate to take down a web of dangerous international Human Trafficking rings.


Director: K. Cornell Kellum
Executive Producer: K. Cornell Kellum
Producer: K. Cornell Kellum


Manni L. Perez, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Jayne Marin, Adam Cardon, Amy Savannah, Camille James Harman, Jillian Newton, Rebecca Holden, Darin Heames, K. Cornell Kellum, Justin Silver, Arianna Harris, Fallon Shaya, Chase Tang, Andrew Casanova, Bill Luckett, Abby Rey, Steve Warky Nunez, Corinne Laurance