TV Series

Fuzz & Malloy (TV Series 2012– )

S02 E04 - A Fuzz & Malloy Halloween


The adventures of 2 comedy heroes amidst vampires, villains, predators and the homeless.  How will Fuzz & Malloy deal with the paranormal, haunted rooms, motherly love, death wishes, disappearance & transformation? Toby’s mother, played by Corinne Laurance, knocks on the door and the fun begins


Director:  Michael J. Renda
Executive Producer: Lizzy A. W. Castillo
Producer:  Lillie Fischer, Luke Fischer, Luis Perez Villegas, Jacob Zentino
Writer:  Joe Wakefield
Production Company:  Spooky Castle Productions


Brennan Bagnell, Joe Wakefield, Corinne Laurance, as Mary Grimm,  Annabelle King, Dwarka Pazavelil, Michael J. Renda