Cats of the Bayou


A suspense filled thriller full of intrigue mystery, infusing dark dramatic narrative material with ASMR, this storyline reveals the 4th of July, the hottest day of the year in the Big Easy , when Dylan (Ryan Manual) arrives at the downtown apartment of Savannah (Christina Ros), only to discover members of the Cat Society waiting for him. A phone call is received. A member is found dead in an apartment on Royal Street with scratches over the face and body. Months later, Jacqueline (Max Reeves) comes home after being taken away from New Orleans when she was a child. Mysteries unfold in this twisted noir-ish tale.


Director: Alexander Roman
Producer: Alexander Roman
Writer: Alexander Roman
Production Company: Charmed Productions


Susan Touchbourne, Max Reeves, Christina Ros, Stevie Vallejo, Corinne Laurance, Emma Lieberman, Ryan Manuel, Jason X Moua, Jim Patneaude, Erika Maki, Alexander Roman, Natale Barnet, JC Sullivan